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Man accuses Waikato Police officers of kicking and punching him during his arrest

1 August 2022

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into an allegation two officers punched and kicked a man during his arrest following a pursuit in which the man deliberately rammed a Police vehicle.

A criminal investigation found the man was not kicked in the head and the force the officers used was required to complete the arrest as the man posed an immediate danger to the officers and members of the public. Therefore, no charges were laid against any of the officers, and the man’s complaint was not upheld.

Police also reviewed the pursuit which took place prior to the arrest and found there was insufficient reason to pursue the car, and the pursuit should have been abandoned earlier.

Police talked through the pursuit with the involved officers, and also with the person in the communications centre who was meant to be controlling the incident.

The Authority agreed with the outcomes of both investigations.

IPCA: 20-5949

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