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We are the only NZ Police oversight body

We are not part of the NZ Police

Under law we are fully independent

If you have a complaint about the NZ Police, you can come to us

Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

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What we do

The Independent Police Conduct Authority is the only official New Zealand Police oversight body.

We handle, investigate and resolve complaints about the Police. By law we're also notified of and may investigate incidents where Police have caused death or serious injury.

We also monitor places of Police detention to ensure human rights standards are being met.

View the Independent Police Conduct Authority Act 1988.

Read more about our role in monitoring places of Police detention.

How we act on complaints

When we receive a complaint, we may carry out our own investigation, refer the complaint to the Police for investigation or coordinate resolution of the complaint.

In some cases, we'll talk to you and the Police about the best way to resolve your complaint. We stay involved until your case is closed.

When a complaint is referred to the Police for investigation, we take steps to ensure the investigation is properly undertaken. This normally means actively overseeing and reviewing it when it's completed.

Notifying Police of complaints

Police must also inform us of any incident in which Police staff, acting in the execution of their duty, cause death or serious injury.

Find out more about the complaints process.

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