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The Independent Police Conduct Authority considers complaints against the New Zealand Police.

We are independent of the Police and the Government. We make findings based on fact and we do not take directions from the Police or anyone else when we make those findings.

If you have made a complaint to the Police it will be referred to the Authority. We are the designated body to oversee all complaints made about the Police.

Our service is free – it does not cost you anything to make a complaint.

If you wish to make, or have made, a complaint you may find the questions and answers listed below helpful in understanding the role of the Independent Police Conduct Authority and the process involved in considering your complaint.

  1. What can I complain about?
  2. Can I make a complaint about a matter that is currently before the courts?
  3. Can I make a complaint if I no longer live in New Zealand?
  4. How do I make a complaint with the Authority?
  5. Will my complaint be kept confidential?
  6. Can I make a complaint about a matter if I’m not personally affected by it?
  7. What happens after I make complaint with the Authority?
  8. If my complaint is being referred to Police, with active oversight by the Authority, what will happen?
  9. If my complaint is being referred to Police, and reviewed by the Authority on its completion, what will happen?
  10. If my complaint is being referred to Police to attempt to resolve the matter by way of mutual agreement what will happen?
  11. If the Authority chooses to take no further action with regards to my complaint, what will happen?
  12. If my complaint is being independently investigated, what will happen?
  13. How long will the Authority’s investigation take?
  14. Why do Police sometimes get to see a copy of the report relating to my case before I do?
  15. Will the outcome of the Authority’s independent Investigation be released publicly?
  16. Will the outcome of the Authority’s review of a Police investigation be released publicly?
  17. What do I do if I’m concerned about the way the Authority is handling my complaint?
  18. Can the Authority provide me with legal advice?


Make a complaint

To the Authority

Complain online

Download a complaint form (PDF, 310KB)

Download IPCA brochure (PDF, 163KB)

Contact the Authority


Directly to the Police

Find your nearest station


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