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We are the only NZ Police oversight body

We are not part of the NZ Police

Under law we are fully independent

If you have a complaint about the NZ Police, you can come to us

Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Complaints data

Read our complaints data here.

We received well over 3000 complaints last year.

Number of complaints

Financial Year to 30 June
Complaints 3026 2592 2614 2441 2515 2193 1997

Types of complaints

The most common complaints were over:

  • inadequate investigation
  • officer's attitude and language
  • inadequate service
  • use of force without a weapon.

Police shootings

We have investigated two fatal and five non-fatal Police shooting incidents this reporting year.

There were eleven Police shooting incidents in the previous financial year. the Authority has concluded seven of those investigations.


In 2018/19 we released 35 public reports.


We completed 64 independent investigations and had 89 ongoing open investigations at 30 June 2019.

These complaints were of the most serious type and required independent investigation or oversight.

They included allegations of serious assaults by Police officers, failures by Police to adequately investigate serious matters and deaths or injuries following Police pursuits.

Read our latest Annual Report (PDF 1.03 MB) for more detail.

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