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If my complaint is being independently investigated, what will happen?

The Authority will write to you confirming receipt of your complaint. Your complaint will then be assigned to one of the Authority’s investigators.

The Investigator will contact you to explain the investigation process. At this time you may be asked to participate in an interview with the investigator.

If you have any additional material concerning your complaint during the investigation period you can forward it to the Authority via email, post, or telephone.

During the investigation process the investigator assigned to your case will work with a team of Authority staff to determine the outcome of your complaint.

All decisions and findings relating to your case will be made by the Chair of the Authority following consultation with Senior Managers.

Once the investigation process is complete and all interviews have taken place a report will be prepared. Once finalised, you will receive a copy of this report.  The report is also provided to the Police Commissioner and any Police officers who have been investigated as part of your complaint. The report may also be publicly released.  The investigator will discuss this process with you.



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