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If my complaint is being referred to Police to attempt to resolve the matter by way of mutual agreement what will happen?

The Authority will write to you confirming receipt of your complaint and advise you that your complaint has been referred to Police to attempt to be resolved by way of mutual agreement.
Once Police receive your file they will assign a Police officer to your complaint.

The assigned Police officer will then contact you. This officer will act as your dedicated point of contact during the resolution process.

The aim of this Police-led process is to reach a mutually acceptable outcome to your complaint. This process requires your active participation. It gives you an opportunity to discuss any grievances directly with a member of the Police (your assigned officer).

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of this process you should contact the Authority detailing what specific aspects you are unhappy with and why. At this time you should also provide with Authority with any additional information you might have that may assist us in considering the matter.



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