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IPCA to conduct investigation/review of policing of the Occupation and Protest at Parliament (“the Protest”)

24 March 2022

To date the Authority has received nearly 1900 complaints as a result of the Protest during February and March 2022.

Many complaints are from individuals who were not present at the Protest but are concerned about Police actions or inactions.  Some are from individuals who were physically present and made complaints about specific or more general Police activities, such as the lawfulness of their powers, use of force or particular tactics, and treatment in custody.

The Authority will undertake an independent investigation/review of the policing of the Protest.  This will provide the public, Police, and other key stakeholders with an independent assessment of the information Police had, the decisions Police took, the tactics used, and whether the approach taken to policing the Protest as it evolved was lawful, proportionate, and appropriate. 

Individual complaints will be addressed as part of the investigation/review and complainants will shortly be contacted in accordance with the Authority’s standard processes and informed of how their complaint will progress.

Details of the scope of the investigation/review are attached.

It is anticipated the work will be completed and reported on by 31 March 2023.

The Authority will not make any further public statement but will from time-to-time report to the Secretary for Justice on the progress of the work.

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