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Officer failed to properly deal with an allegation of theft against another officer

14 April 2022

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found that, when an allegation of theft by a Police Officer was notified to the Police Professional Conduct office around October 2018, an officer failed to make an official record, follow due process, or commence an investigation.

In 2021, an anonymous person made a complaint to the Authority about this and we independently investigated.

In August 2018, a woman went to the public counter of North Shore Police Station to hand in $50 cash which she had found, along with a note she had handwritten. When the woman returned two months later, there was no record of her visit or the $50 cash in the Police property system.

At the time, it was established a constable had dealt with the woman in August. When contacted about the matter, the constable brought in $50 cash, saying it had been misplaced.

Public counter staff were not comfortable with the actions of the constable and took the matter to the local office of Police Professional Conduct. The manager of this office, Officer C, took ownership of the case.

It transpired that Officer C did not record or deal with the complaint. There was no formal or informal investigation, and no notification through to management.

The Constable resigned from Police in September 2019 and was not asked about the $50 cash.

Public Report

Officer failed to properly deal with an allegation of theft against another officer (PDF 297 KB)

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