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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Police dog bite in Ōtāhuhu justified

17 August 2021

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found that an officer was justified in using a Police dog to assist in the arrest of a high-risk offender in Ōtāhuhu on 28 May 2020. Police had reasonable grounds for believing the man might be armed.

The man, who was under Police surveillance, left a shop and got into his car. The Armed Offender Squad approached the car and instructed the man to get out, however, he did not follow their instructions. Instead, he leaned towards the passenger seat, causing the officers to believe he may be reaching for a firearm. A dog handler used his dog to assist in removing the man from the car. Once on the ground, the man was able to be placed in handcuffs.

Authority Chair, Judge Colin Doherty says: "Given the man was resisting arrest, and his recent history and actions at the time, it was reasonable for the officer to believe he may be reaching for a weapon to use against officers. The dog was an effective way to minimise the risk towards officers while they arrested him."

Public Report

Police dog bite in Ōtāhuhu justified (PDF 319 KB)

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