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Fatal Police pursuit complied with all policies

27 August 2010

A Police pursuit of a 22 year old motorcyclist that ended with him losing control and dying in a crash in Palmerston North last year was conducted in full accordance with Police policies.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has released the report of its investigation into the fatal pursuit of Martyn Dillon on 19 December 2009.

Mr Dillon was an unlicensed driver, and was carrying a female pillion passenger without a helmet, on a high performance motorbike that had been reported stolen three days earlier. His blood contained 151 mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, when the legal limit is 80mg. The pillion passenger later reported the motorcycle had reached speeds of more than 200kph.

Mr Dillon crashed approximately 45 seconds after an officer in a Police car pulled in behind him at an intersection and activated his lights and siren to indicate he was required to stop. The pursuit covered a distance of 1.3km before Mr Dillon crashed at a roundabout and died at the scene. His passenger received serious injuries.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found that the Police officer complied with all law and policy related to pursuits. The dispatcher at the Police communications centre also handled the matter appropriately during the brief involvement of the centre.

The Authority makes no recommendations.

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