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Allegation of inappropriate behaviour by Police Prosecutor in Hamilton  

1 November 2023 

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a complaint that a Police Prosecutor behaved aggressively towards a Crown Prosecutor in the Court building. 

It was alleged that the Police Prosecutor confronted the Crown Prosecutor in the public foyer of the court following a disagreement over access to a witness room. It was reported that the Police Prosecutor shouted at the complainant and demonstrated hostile behaviour towards them. 

The Police Prosecutor sought to minimise their actions when spoken to by the Police investigator. They also suggested that nobody was looking or taking an interest in their interaction with the complainant. 

CCTV footage of the incident shows the Police Prosecutor angrily confronting the complainant and pointing a finger directly at their face. The interaction clearly attracts the attention of a number of those present in the foyer. 

The Authority agrees that no criminal offending occurred but is satisfied that the Police Prosecutor’s behaviour was contrary to Police values and the Police Code of Conduct. An appropriate employment sanction was imposed.

IPCA: 22-14144

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