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Use of force by an officer during an arrest in Counties Manukau

5 April 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into an incident in which a man was punched by an officer while being arrested.

In March 2021, three officers attended an address because of a report of family harm. A woman alleged her partner had beaten and strangled her.

When questioned by an officer about the allegation, the man became agitated and uncooperative. The officer decided to arrest the man, who then became aggressive.

The arrest became physical, with the man fighting with the officers. An officer punched the man once on the head, and the man became immediately compliant. He was handcuffed and taken to the Police Station, where it was noticed that he had an injury to his eye. He was immediately taken to hospital, and subsequently required surgery.

The Police investigation concluded that the officer could have avoided punching the man by using other tactics available. Although Police concluded that the officer’s actions did not reach the threshold for being charged, he did receive a disciplinary sanction.

The Authority agrees with the outcome of the Police investigation.

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