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Officer pleads guilty to a charge of theft

21 November 2022

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a complaint alleging that an Auckland based Police officer stole money that had been entrusted to him to secure a rental property.

In September 2020, the officer advertised a self-contained flat for rent in Waitakere. After viewing the property, the complainant paid the officer a bond and two weeks rent in advance to secure the tenancy.

Prior to taking occupancy however, the officer advised the complainant the property was no longer available. Following this advice, the complainant requested his money be refunded so he could find another place to live.

The officer did not repay the money as requested and gave a number of excuses for not doing so, which were later found to be untrue. He later repaid the money following the commencement of a criminal investigation.

The officer was charged with theft, pleaded guilty to the charge, then resigned from Police. Notwithstanding his resignation, Police found his actions constituted serious misconduct for which he would have been dismissed from Police, had he not resigned.

The Authority agrees with the Police findings and outcome.

IPCA: 21-6901

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