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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Off duty Police Officer found to have acted disgracefully

5 July 2021

The Authority oversaw an investigation into an allegation that a Police Officer had acted disgracefully towards an intoxicated junior colleague while off duty. A number of Police Officers travelled to an event and socialised thereafter. The more senior officer was sober and drove an intoxicated colleague back to the motel at which she was staying. Fellow colleagues returned to the motel and found the Police Officer fully clothed and lying on the bed with his arm under his intoxicated colleague's neck. A complaint was made by the woman on learning of the Police Officer's behaviour towards her.

The criminal investigation found that the evidential sufficiency test under the Solicitor General Guidelines was not met for a prosecution. Police carried out an employment investigation and found the officer's behaviour amounted to disgraceful behaviour and serious misconduct.

The officer was appropriately sanctioned and is no longer working in Police. The Authority agrees with the outcome.

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