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Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

Police in Waitemata fail to focus on report of stalking and breach the privacy of the person making the report

11 October 2021

A man called Police to report someone harassing and threatening him. When Police came to his home to take his statement, the officer interrupted the conversation to tell him that he was over his driving demerit point limit and took his driver's licence. The man complained the officer failed to focus on the details of the report and embarrassed him in front of the other people present.

Police accepted it was not appropriate for the officer to deal with the licence suspension at that time and the original complaint relating to the threats was of greater importance. Police have now apologised to the complainant for their initial response and provided the officer with guidance on how such incidents should be dealt with in the future.

The Authority considers this was a good outcome and we also note the person accused of behaving threateningly has also been dealt with appropriately by Police.

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