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Failures in handling of exhibits in Canterbury

18 December 2019

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into discrepancies involving the custody and control of two drug items seized as exhibits in the Canterbury District in 2016. One exhibit had been incorrectly destroyed and another had been marked as destroyed but was later found in the exhibit store. An officer, who has since retired, was relieving for the principal exhibit officer at the time the discrepancies occurred. An internal Police report recommended an independent audit be completed of the Exhibit store, but this did not occur.

However, Police have undertaken a review of compliance to Police policy relating to exhibits, and training was undertaken to ensure future policy compliance. Police are also aiming to introduce a new system in 2020 which will make the adherence with compliance and auditing of property/exhibit handling easier.

The Authority's final review of the Police investigation agreed with the finding and the outcome.

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