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We are the only NZ Police oversight body

We are not part of the NZ Police

Under law we are fully independent

If you have a complaint about the NZ Police, you can come to us

Mana Whanonga Pirihimana Motuhake

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The Independent Police Conduct Authority is an independent body set up by Parliament to keep watch over the Police.

  • We handle, investigate and resolve complaints against the Police. If you have a complaint about the Police, you can come to us. 

    Read more about what we do.

  • Headed by Judge Kenneth Johnston KC, we have a team of resolution analysts, investigators, advisers and support staff.

    Find out more about our team.

  • We're fully independent. We make our own judgements about the facts, based on evidence and the law. 

    Find out more about what makes us statutorily independent. 

  • Read about the history of the IPCA and how our role has changed since we were established by Parliament as New Zealand’s first Police oversight body in 1989.

  • Our mission is to be a world class Police oversight body.

    Read more about what we stand for.

  • Read about why independent civilian oversight matters, even in a country like New Zealand where the Police are committed to high standards of conduct.

  • Read more about our role in monitoring places of detention and the treatment of people in Police custody to ensure human rights standards are being met.

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