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Reports on investigations archive

Police Complaints Authority reports 2000-06



14/12/06 - Fatal shooting of Haidar Ebbadi Mahdi at Auckland on 14 August 2004 (PDF, 158kb)

18/1/06 - Police response to a 111 emergency call made from Piha by Iraena Asher on Sunday 10 October 2004 (PDF, 123kb)



30/9/05 - Complaint by John Albert Menzies arising out of an incident on 8 July 2000 near the Dunollie Hotel, Runanga (PDF, 107kb)

12/9/05 - Deaths of Erin Burgess and Kuran Brunton in Northland in May 2003 (PDF, 156KB)

17/5/05 - Non-fatal shooting of Jason Edward Williams at Christchurch on 21 November 2001 (PDF, 64kb)



29/4/04 - Complaint about Police conduct in respect of industrial protest action on the waterfront at Lyttelton on 29 December 1999 during which Ms Christine Clarke suffered fatal injuries after being struck by a motor vehicle driven by Mr Derek Powell (PDF, 149kb)



5/9/03 - Report on certain issues arising out of a Police Undercover Operation conducted in 1993 and 1994 (PDF, 65kb)

22/8/03 - Report on an inquiry into the Police response to a call to the scene of a double homicide at Rongotea on 16 December 2001 (PDF, 198kb)



26/11/01 - Report on the death of Leisha Ann Bourne in Wanganui on 29 February 2000 (PDF, 143kb)

1/10/01 - Report on the on the shooting of Gordon Drewett at Auckland on 6 August 1999 (PDF, 162kb)

14/8/01 - Report on a 26-year-old male shot and injured by a Police officer at Invercargill on 16 February 2000 (PDF, 241kb)



5/5/00 - Report on the shooting of Edwin Leo near Helensville on 1 July 1999 (PDF, 200kb)




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