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IPCA to review Police response to "Let Women Speak" event in Albert Park Auckland on 25 March 2023  

20 July 2023

The Authority has decided to conduct a general review of the Police response to the “Let Women Speak” event in Albert Park, Auckland on March 25.

The Authority received 162 complaints about policing of the event. Of these, 34 were from people who attended the event, and the rest were from concerned citizens who appeared to be responding to media and/or social media coverage. The common themes of the complaints were lack of Police action to protect Ms Parker and allow her to exercise her right to freedom of expression, and failure to prosecute in respect of assaults on Ms Parker and another woman (the Authority notes that charges have since been laid in respect of both assaults).

Terms of reference and timing of the review are still to be confirmed. However, the review will likely cover Police planning for the protest, and the Police response and actions as the situation unfolded.

The Authority will publish its report once the review is completed.

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