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Police respond appropriately to 111 calls in Bay of Plenty

1 November 2022 

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found that Police responded appropriately to five 111 calls made by a woman in rural Bay of Plenty.

On 24 December 2020, the woman made five 111 calls over a short period. She raised concerns about the welfare of her niece’s children, and said she had been assaulted, and that her car had been disabled.

Having established that the woman was safe and uninjured, and that the concerns about the children related to their general welfare rather than their imminent safety, Police decided that immediate attendance was not required. A plan was agreed with the woman that she would be collected by relatives, and she would make a statement to Police later that day.

While waiting on a road nearby for her relatives, the woman was recognised by people passing in a car. They picked the woman up and returned her to the rural address. A physical altercation subsequently took place at that address, which resulted in a man being fatally wounded.

The woman’s daughter complained to the Authority that had Police attended sooner, the fatal incident would have been prevented

The Authority found that Police responded appropriately on the basis of the information they were provided.

Authority Chair, Judge Colin Doherty says, “We accept that an appropriate plan was agreed with the woman to ensure her safety and to make a later statement to Police. Police could not have reasonably anticipated the subsequent incident that resulted in death.”

Public Report 
Police respond appropriately to 111 calls in Bay of Plenty (PDF 312 KB) 
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