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When to complain

Many complaints can be resolved quickly and effectively by going directly to the Police.

You may therefore wish to complain directly to the Police. Just visit the local police station and ask to make a complaint.

The Police are required to inform the Authority about all complaints made to them, and about how those complaints have been dealt with.

If you complain directly to the Police and are not satisfied that your complaint has been properly resolved, you are entitled to make a complaint to the Authority.

What can you complain about?

The Authority considers complaints alleging Police misconduct or neglect of duty, or Police practices, policies and procedures affecting the complainant. Some complaints are outside the Authority’s jurisdiction or are better dealt with elsewhere.

For more information, see What can you complain about?


Make a complaint

Complain to the Authority

Make a complaint online

Download a complaint form (PDF, 207KB)

Phone 0800 503 728


Complain directly to the Police

Find out about complaining to the Police

Find your nearest station


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