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If my complaint is being referred to Police, with active oversight by the Authority, what will happen?

The Authority will write to you confirming receipt of your complaint and advise you that your complaint has been referred to Police for investigation.

Once Police receive your file they will assign a Police officer to your complaint.

The assigned Police officer will act as the nominated point of contact for the duration of the Police investigation. All enquiries relating to the investigation should be directed to this officer who will be able to advise you of the progress of your complaint via regular updates.

As the Police are undertaking their investigation the Authority will actively monitor the progress of your case. We do this by accessing a Police database, making regular phone calls and emails to Police Professional Conduct managers and investigating officers.

At its conclusion, the outcome of your case will be communicated to you by the Police.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the Police investigation you should contact the Authority detailing what specific aspects of the Police decision you do not accept and why.

The Police file is sent to the Authority and we independently review the Police investigation. Any information you have provided about your dissatisfaction will be taken into account during that review process.

The Authority will write to you to confirm the outcome of the review.



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