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Gallen Review

The Gallen Review in 2000 led to the appointment of independent investigators.

In May 2000, as a result of adverse public comment about the independence of Police Complaints Authority investigations, the Minister of Justice appointed Sir Rodney Gallen to conduct a review of the Authority.

Sir Rodney reported in October of that year, making several findings and recommendations about the Authority’s operations.

In particular, he noted that there had been criticism of the Authority’s reliance on Police investigations, and stated that this reliance undermined public confidence in the Authority and discouraged people from making complaints.


Justice Gallen recommended the appointment of independent investigators.

Justice Gallen also recommended:

  • that the Authority be changed from a single person to a three-person Board
  • that the Authority’s independence should be reflected by making it an Officer of Parliament
  • that less serious complaints be resolved by conciliation where possible, and
  • that the Authority retain discretion over which matters are made public in order to protect the privacy of complainants, protect police officers from malicious complaints, and allow the Authority to manage other circumstances in which confidentiality is appropriate. 


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