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About us

The Independent Police Conduct Authority is an independent body set up by Parliament to keep watch over the Police.

Role and powers

The Authority receives complaints against the Police and investigates incidents involving death and serious bodily harm. Role and Powers >>


The Authority is not part of the Police. It is required to carry out its functions and duties independently. Independence >>

People and structure

The Authority is chaired by Judge Colin Doherty, a District Court Judge. Other members of the Authority are appointed by the Governor General. People and structure >>

Monitoring places of detention

The Authority monitors conditions of detention and treatment of detainees in Police custody. Monitoring places of detention >>

Why Police oversight matters

Independent civilian oversight provides assurance for both the Police and the public. Why Police oversight matters >>


The Authority was established in November 2007, replacing the Police Complaints Authority. History >>


The Authority is accountable to Parliament for its use of taxpayer funding. Accountability >>


The Authority has responsibilities under the Independent Police Conduct Authority Act and other legislation. Legislation >>

Working for us

The Authority is a small, focused organisation dedicated to providing independent oversight of the Police. Working for us >>

Vision and values

The Authority's mission is to promote public trust and confidence in New Zealand Police. Vision and values >>


Download IPCA brochure

A copy of our brochure can be downloaded here.



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