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Police officer in Waikato investigated for alleged assault

19 March 2024

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into an allegation that an off-duty officer assaulted bar staff while they forcefully removed him from a bar in Hamilton.

In July 2023, the off-duty officer was socialising with friends at a bar in Hamilton. The officer was intoxicated and started ‘twerking’ next to two male patrons. Words were exchanged before the officer was pushed backwards. Bouncers intervened and ejected the officer from the bar.

The officer went to another bar, which happened to be operated by the same company as the bar he had earlier been ejected from. While the officer was sitting at a table with friends he was approached by the same bouncers who dealt with him earlier. They grabbed hold of him, pulled him to his feet and forcefully removed from the bar. While on the footpath outside the bar the officer grappled with one of the bouncers before he was taken to the ground. The Police were called and arrested the off-duty officer.

After reviewing CCTV and considering the accounts of those involved, Police determined the off-duty officer had not assaulted the bar security staff, although he did provide some resistance to his arrest.

The officer has since resigned from Police.

The Authority is satisfied that the Police investigation was appropriate and thorough.

IPCA: 23-18769 / 23-18865

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