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Police officer investigated for misusing the national Police database

19 June 2024

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a notification alleging a Counties Manukau officer searched a potential Police recruit on the national Police database (NIA) after the potential recruit asked the officer if he was able to do so.

Police conducted an audit of the officer’s NIA use and found they had accessed the potential recruit’s information, along with a high volume of other Police records that were not for a legitimate work purpose. Police identified 889 NIA checks conducted by the officer while he was off duty. These involved checks of his neighbour (who the officer explained he suspected was involved with unlawful gangs), four Police officers (he said he was unaware these people were officers), and a gang member (he was unable to provide an explanation for this NIA check).

The officer explained he understands NIA is for work purposes only yet admitted to looking through Police records out of curiosity. He likened his actions to how people scroll through social media.

Police concluded the officer’s actions were in breach of the Code of Conduct and have undertaken an employment process with the officer involved.

The Authority agrees with the process undertaken by Police.

IPCA: 23-20013

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