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Allegation of Police Officer kicking young person not established

24 January 2024

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into an allegation that a Northland Police officer kicked a young person in the head after he had run away from a stolen car.

On the afternoon of 18 September 2022, a Mazda Demio was stolen in Whangarei. When it was sighted by Police, four youths ran from the vehicle and were apprehended.

Later, while in the custody of Oranga Tamariki, one of the youths disclosed to his social worker that an officer had kicked him in the head when he was apprehended.

Police conducted an investigation into the allegation; however, the youth did not wish to make a statement or engage with the investigation. The officer who apprehended the youth acknowledged handcuffing him but denied kicking him or using any unnecessary force.

The Police investigation concluded there was no evidence to support the allegation and the Authority agrees with this finding.

IPCA: 22-15388

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