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Officer charged with theft of mobile telephone

22 January 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into an allegation that a South Auckland Police Officer committed theft by deliberately disposing of a mobile telephone belonging to man he had arrested.

At approximately 3am on 1 November 2022, a burglary was reported at Countdown in Papakura. When Police attended, two men ran off but were apprehended nearby. In the process of restraining one of the men, an officer took possession of a mobile telephone the man had dropped.

Before leaving, the officer walked to the end of the street and disposed of the mobile telephone by throwing it into some bushes. Despite a search for it later, it was not recovered.

The subsequent Police investigation found that the officer had committed theft by depriving the owner of the telephone permanently. The officer pleaded guilty to a charge of theft. He was later discharged without conviction.

At the conclusion of the criminal proceedings Police undertook an employment process and reached an outcome with the officer.

The Authority agrees with the Police investigation and outcome.

IPCA: 22-15807

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