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Eastern District: Investigation finds use of force on a young person following a pursuit justified

20 February 2024

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation regarding an incident where Police located a stolen vehicle that had fled from police previously. The identities and ages of the occupants were not known to police.

After a further pursuit, police spiked the vehicle. Eventually the vehicle stopped, and the driver attempted to flee. The passenger (the complainant’s son) remained in the vehicle but did not cooperate with officers’ instructions.

An officer believed the passenger was moving to flee as they approached him, so the officer grabbed him by the shoulder pulling him to the ground then restrained him to apply handcuffs.

Police concluded the force the arresting officer used was reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances, but unfortunately this caused the complainant’s son to sustain an unintended facial injury when he was pulled to the ground. The injuries were not immediately evident due to his long hair and because his head was covered by a hood. When the injuries were identified at a later time appropriate medical attention was sought.

The Authority agrees with the findings of the investigation.

IPCA: 23-19346

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