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Two Police officers in Counties Manukau received an employment outcome for excessive use of force

29 April 2024

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into the use of force by two officers on a youth, who fled from Police in a stolen car, subsequently crashed into a tree, and was hiding from Police under a car in a nearby carport.

The youth was removed from under the car and was lying face-down on the ground when the officers wanted to handcuff him. The youth resisted being handcuffed and one of the officers struck him with an open palm strike on the head. He subsequently developed swelling and bruising on his head.

During the investigation, the youth did not want to make a statement about what had happened, and his parents did not want to make a complaint. The investigation was consequently unable to determine if the injury resulted from the officer's use of force on the youth or the car crash.

We believe the force used by the officers arresting the youth was not justified, because there were other less forceful alternatives available. However, we do not believe there is sufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution. Police agreed and undertook an employment process with the officers.

IPCA: 23-19936

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