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Auckland Police officer’s alleged association with gang

18 September 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into an allegation that a Police officer in Auckland was associating with an organised crime group. Allegations included that the officer had been drinking with gang members at a bar and had spent a significant amount of money on vehicles. He had also allegedly spent a lot of money on tattoos, some of which were believed to be gang related.

Police established the officer had received some free drinks from a group of unknown people at the bar who were celebrating an event, but there was no indication they were gang related. Investigations into his tattoos and vehicles, and other enquiries, found nothing to indicate the officer was associated with any gang.

Police found the officer demonstrated poor judgement at times and provided him with advice to support making sound decisions.

We found the Police investigation to be thorough and agree with the findings.

IPCA: 23-16704

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