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Police failed to investigate significant fraud in Counties Manukau 

2 March 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a notification alleging that Police failed to investigate a reported fraud.

A woman went to Police and reported that a relative had stolen $45,000 from her bank account and had stolen her identity in order to open credit cards and obtain finance. Police failed to follow up on this report, and the woman eventually approached Cert NZ about the fraud.

Cert NZ is a government agency to which a person or an organisation can approach if they have concerns about cyber-security. Having reviewed the woman’s case, Cert NZ referred the matter to Police, who then investigated. The relative who had taken the money was eventually charged with numerous offences.

The Police investigation concluded that there had been significant errors in the Police failure to investigate the fraud. A formal apology was made to the woman and her whanau for the errors.

The Authority agrees with the findings of the Police investigation, and the subsequent outcomes.

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