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Allegation that an officer in Bay of Plenty indecently assaulted a woman

31 January 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a complaint alleging that an officer had indecently assaulted a woman in her home.

An officer visited the home of a woman with whom he had previously had a brief sexual relationship, and with whom he had been recently exchanging flirtatious text messages.

According to the woman, the officer attempted to have a further sexual encounter, and it took her some time before she was able to stop his advances. The officer says that he immediately stopped when the woman did not consent.

There was a dispute over the facts of the incident, and the woman did not wish further action to be taken. Given this, the Police criminal investigation was taken no further. An employment investigation was undertaken which reached a finding that the officer’s behaviour amounted to misconduct.

The Authority accepts that, in the light of the woman’s wishes that the officer not be charged, the outcomes of the Police investigations were appropriate.

IPCA: 21-7984

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