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Hamilton officers unintentionally injured an individual while dispersing an unruly crowd

24 January 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation where two Police officers pushed an intoxicated man when trying to disperse a disorderly, aggressive crowd in Hamilton CBD in April 2022.  The man fell backwards, hit his head on concrete, and immediately lost consciousness. 

The two officers were next to each other in a Police line, moving forward to disperse the crowd.  As they approached the man, he stood still, refusing to follow repeated instructions to move away.  Both officers simultaneously used an open palm to push the man away in an attempt to physically redirect him, causing him to fall.  The officers immediately provided medical assistance.

Police found each officer’s use of force to be reasonable and justified.  It was unfortunate that, while not a planned or coordinated action, both officers pushed the man at the same time. This led to the man being subjected to more force than was intended. 

We agree with Police findings.    

IPCA: 22-13577

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