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Complaint of excessive force during arrest in Wellington District

24 January 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a complaint from a man who alleged several Police officers beat and manhandled his disabled father while arresting him at his home.   The complainant’s father was then taken into custody briefly. The complainant said Police should not have released his father in an injured state with no way to get home.

The complainant did not witness the arrest, during which his father assaulted one of the officers. 

Police conducted a criminal and employment investigation.  Police interviewed the officers involved and tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to speak to the complainant and his father about the incident. 

Police found that officers were justified in using force against the man, including three knee strikes while he was on the ground.  The investigation found no concerns with the man’s treatment while in custody.

The Authority considered that the knee strikes were excessive force and the officer responsible should have been charged with assault and receive a corresponding, appropriate employment outcome. 

We agreed with the other findings and outcomes.

IPCA: 21-8455

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