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Allegations of excess force used by Police during arrest

24 January 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a complaint where it was alleged that Police used excessive force against a wanted male who had been detained following a brief fleeing driver event in the Wellington Police District. The complainant told the Authority that he was beaten and tasered, sustaining facial injuries and damage to his dentures.

The complainant subsequently appeared at Court to answer charges arising out of the above event. After considering CCTV footage, the Judge accepted the complainant’s evidence and found that he had not been resisting and had not assaulted Police. His actions in resisting the force applied by Police were deemed to be reasonable. The defendant was found guilty of being unlawfully in possession of a loaded firearm that was discovered in the vehicle he used to evade Police.

A Police investigation into the matter found that there was insufficient evidence to support a charge of assault against the officer concerned and no further action was taken. Other officers were found to be not at fault.

The Authority agrees with the outcome of the Police investigation and accepts that the evidential threshold required to support a charge of assault was not met.

IPCA: 20-2017

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