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Youths crashed trailbikes while evading Police in Waikato

21 February 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a notification that two youths riding trailbikes crashed while evading Police.

Police officers encountered the two youths riding at night with no lights or helmets. The youths rode off the road and onto a trail when they saw the Police car.

Soon after, the youths crashed against a closed farm gate. The officers saw a dust cloud, immediately attended, and called for medical assistance. Neither youth was seriously injured.

The Police investigation noted that the officers had not switched on lights or sirens, had been driving below the speed limit, and did not believe they were pursuing the youths.

The officers involved attended a debrief where the specific dangers associated with pursing or following suspected offenders on motorbikes was discussed.

The Authority agrees with the outcome of the Police investigation.

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