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Eastern District - Authorised Officer assaulted prisoners

8 February 2023

The Authority oversaw Police investigations into separate incidents where an Authorised Officer was alleged to have assaulted two prisoners.

Police found the staff member poured warm tea through the delivery slot of a cell onto the hand of a prisoner. This occurred in retaliation after the prisoner threw a cup of tea over the officer’s trouser leg. Police determined the matter constituted a low- level assault but this did not reach the public threshold for prosecution.

In the second incident, the Authorised officer entered the cell of a disruptive prisoner. After a verbal confrontation the staff member pushed the prisoner against the cell wall then forcibly restrained them on a mattress. Police determined there was no valid reason for the staff member to enter the cell and their actions were not justified in self-defence. Police charged the staff member with assault and referred the matter to the Te Pae Oranga alternative pathway.

The staff member completed this process and was discharged with no further action. The Authorised officer is no longer employed by New Zealand Police.

IPCA: 22-14799

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