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Complaint of excess force used in Ahipara arrests in 2022

16 August 2023

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a complaint alleging that Police used excessive force when arresting a man and woman in Ahipara in April 2022.

Police went to the couple’s address and arrested the woman for an assault earlier that day. The woman alleged that her face was pushed into the concrete and she was punched in the head as she was being restrained. On seeing this the woman’s partner tried to intervene and he was placed in a headlock and also arrested.

In relation to the woman’s arrest, the Police investigation could not substantiate her claims of having her face pushed into the ground, or that she was punched. In relation to her partner’s arrest, the investigation found the use of force was justified, but the neck restraint was not an approved technique and should not have been used. Police took remedial action to address this issue.

The Authority agrees with the Police outcome and findings.

IPCA: 23-13546

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