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Police Officer investigated for involvement in suspect interview

21 November 2022

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into an allegation that a South Auckland Police Officer entered an interview room and threatened a suspect, causing him to confess to a drug importation offence.

The suspect was interviewed at the Police Station where he made partial admissions to his offending. After the interview, and whist the suspect was alone in the room, another Police Officer entered and allegedly threatened the suspect to tell the truth. The suspect then made a second statement in which he made further admissions.

The officer failed to make any notes of his engagement with the suspect.

When the allegations came to light the officer was asked to provide a statement outlining his interaction with the suspect, but the account he provided was not in detail or to the standard expected of a Police officer of his service. He did however acknowledge entering the interview room and speaking with the suspect but denied threatening him.

Police conducted an employment investigation and although aspects of the officer’s interaction with the suspect were disputed, the investigation found the officer’s actions amounted to misconduct and an employment outcome was reached.

The Authority agrees with the Police investigation findings and outcome.

IPCA: 21-9144

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