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Officers fails to declare conflict of interest in procurement process

21 November 2022

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into allegations that two officers acted inappropriately and failed to declare their conflict of interest while involved in an international procurement process.

One of the officers was deployed as an adviser to a Pacific nation. He managed a procurement process for a new IT system for the nation’s Police force. However, he and another officer did not declare that they had a business interest in the outcome of the procurement process. Further, the procurement process did not follow correct procedures. Neither officer derived financial gain from the project.

Police considered charging one of the officers with dishonestly using a document, but instead decided to pursue an employment investigation.

This investigation concluded that both officers breached the Code of Conduct and policy on various grounds. Both received appropriate employment outcomes.

The Authority agreed with the findings and outcome of the investigation.

IPCA: 18-2263

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