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Police employee convicted after assaulting a detainee in the Hamilton District Court

9 June 2022

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation where a Police employee used excessive force against a detainee in the Hamilton Court cells.

The Authorised Officer entered the detainee’s cell as he was behaving in a disruptive manner and continuously kicking the cell door. The officer instructed the detainee to sit down, and he refused. The officer tried to forcibly sit him down and a scuffle ensued. Other Police custody staff and Corrections officers entered the cell to help restrain the detainee. The Authorised Officer forcibly pushed the detainee’s head into a concrete wall and then again into the concrete floor of the cell. The detainee sustained a cut to his eyebrow.

The officer was charged and subsequently convicted and sentenced by the Hamilton District Court.

Police have also dealt with the employee’s conduct through an employment process and the Authority agrees that the outcome is appropriate.

IPCA: 20-4388

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