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Complaint of excessive force - Eastern District

25 January 2022

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a complaint that a Napier man was subject to excessive force during his arrest in which he sustained a broken collarbone.

The complainant was charged with seriously assaulting the attending officers when they attempted to arrest him in connection with a stolen vehicle. These charges are currently before the court.

The complainant was not willing to provide Police with an account of how he believes his injuries were caused. Police therefore accepted the officers’ version of events and determined the force appeared to be proportionate and necessary as a defence against the alleged serious assault. Police were satisfied staff appropriately responded when they became aware that a potential injury had been sustained. Police found officers used some unprofessional language during the incident, and this behaviour has been addressed with those officers.

The Authority agrees with the conclusions and outcome of the Police investigation.

IPCA: 21-8021

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