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Auckland officer lied about being sick and behaved inappropriately while intoxicated at the races

15 February 2022

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into the behaviour of an off-duty Police officer at a public event.

The officer attended a racing event while on sick leave. He became intoxicated and had a verbal argument with his partner which required security and Police intervention. The officer was detained for detoxification. He was uncooperative and aggressive towards the attending officers, resulting in him being restrained and placed in handcuffs.

The Police employment investigation found the officer acted dishonestly in attending the event while claiming to be unfit for work, and his behaviour towards his colleagues and members of the public was unprofessional; overall, his actions brought Police into disrepute. No charges were laid for this incident, but the officer received an appropriate employment outcome for his behaviour.

The Authority agrees with the findings of the Police investigation and was satisfied the actions of the attending officers did not reflect any preferential treatment.

IPCA: 21-6226

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