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Use of force by an officer in Auckland City Custody Unit

12 December 2022

A man was arrested and taken by Police to Auckland City Custody Unit. He was aggressive and abusive, requiring a number of Police staff to be involved with him.

The man was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle. Officers neglected to remove the bracelet, and the man removed the battery pack and with it began hitting the cell wall, door, and window. He refused to hand it back to officers.

When officers entered the cell to take the battery pack from the man, he fought them, during which he punched one Custody Officer in the head. The Custody Officer retaliated, including punching the man when he was restrained on the floor by other officers.

Police investigated the incident, and the Custody Officer was charged with assault. Although the Custody Officer was subsequently discharged without conviction, a Police employment process found that his actions reached the threshold of serious misconduct.

The Authority agrees with the findings and outcome of the Police investigation.

IPCA: 20-5953

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