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Allegation that officer assaulted a youth during an arrest not substantiated 

12 December 2022

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a notification where it was alleged that a Counties Manukau officer assaulted a 16-year-old female, after she spat into the officer’s face. 

When the youth was arrested for a driving charge, she was placed in handcuffs and led to a police vehicle, but started to resist arrest when next to the car. A female officer went to intervene and was kicked in the lower body by the girl, who also spat into the officer’s face. The officer tried to deflect the spit, striking her in the face. When the young woman tried to spit a second time, the officer again struck out.

The girl stomped on the officer’s foot and pinched her forearm but was eventually over-powered and placed into the police vehicle. She was later charged with several offences, including assaulting police.

Police investigated the matter and found the officer had acted in self-defence. The Authority is satisfied with the Police action and outcome.

IPCA: 21-10058

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