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Investigations into complaint about sexual relationship between two Police staff

11 April 2022

The Authority oversaw Police investigations into a complaint about an undisclosed sexual relationship between two Police staff. The complaint also raised potential criminal conduct by both staff.

The investigations found the two staff used Police facilities for the purpose of conducting consensual sexual activity. There was insufficient evidence to lay criminal charges.

There were significant deficiencies in the Police investigations, in particular the steps that Police took as an employer to establish whether their staff may have engaged in misconduct.

It is noted that Police attempted to resolve the employment concerns by an alternate resolution pathway. However, the process became unduly complex which hindered the final actions that could be taken by the employer. 

Those deficiencies were not caused by neglect or inaction of individual investigators. Instead, they arose from Police’s management of the complaint.

Police sought to trial a restorative approach. Yet the purpose of that approach, and the steps it involved, were not clearly defined. There were also significant procedural issues, including failures to make or retain important organisational records. Roles and reporting lines were not properly followed.

In response to Authority concerns, Police later conducted their own review of the investigations. The Authority agrees with the findings and recommendations of that review, which largely confirm the Authority’s independent view.

The Authority has communicated its views and expectations to Police.

IPCA: 21-7599

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