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Inappropriate off-duty behaviour from officer in Wellington

11 April 2022

Police notified the Authority of multiple incidents where an off-duty officer in Wellington behaved inappropriately between 2019 and 2021. The officer took possession of a Class B drug from a private gathering in the presence of members of the public and colleagues. Despite having the opportunity to, the officer did not act appropriately in disposing of the drugs. One of the off-duty members notified their supervisor the next day. Other Police staff members had knowledge of the incident but failed to act. In a further two separate incidents, the officer sexually harassed a female colleague while off-duty at private functions.

The Police investigation found that the officer’s behaviour in both instances amounted to serious misconduct. They also found that the other staff who failed to act breached the New Zealand Police Code of Conduct.

Police took appropriate actions with the officer and reinforced employment expectations. The Authority agrees with the findings and outcome.

IPCA: 21-7148

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