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Officer on restricted duties should not have been involved in pursuit

6 October 2021

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into a notification where an officer, who was on restricted duties due to a shoulder injury sustained in a pursuit, returned himself to full duties without medical clearance to do so.

The officer had been told after he sustained the injury that he was not to return to full duties until he had provided medical clearance. The Police investigation found that the officer breached policy by returning to work without the appropriate medical clearance. The Authority, however, found that Police misinterpreted the policy and that the officer, in this case, did not require medical clearance to return to work. However, the officer should have provided his supervisor with his most recent medical certificate and discussed with that person whether he could return to full duties.

A recommendation was made that Police review and, if necessary, amend the policy.

The officer received an employment outcome.

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