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Police decision to pursue a car that hit cyclist justified

23 December 2021

The Authority oversaw a Police investigation into an incident in Auckland where a cyclist died after being hit by a car that was fleeing Police.

Two officers went to an address looking for a man who was suspected of committing a number of serious criminal offences including aggravated burglaries, robberies and kidnapping. As they drove past the address they saw a vehicle in the driveway missing its rear number plate that they suspected it might be stolen.

The officers decided to make enquiries at the address but as they neared the driveway, the man drove out onto the road and fled from the officers who signalled him to stop.

The man was pursued through residential streets for a little under a minute before he drove through an intersection, colliding with the cyclist.

The Police investigation found the officers’ decision to pursue the man was reasonable because they believed, given his spate of criminal offending, he posed a threat to the public if he was not apprehended and arrested.

Despite the tragic death of the innocent cyclist, the Authority agrees with this finding.

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